BR, Are You Kidding Me?

I feel as though it would not be an exaggeration to say that I am OBSESSED with the Banana Republic Mad Men line that was released last week. This style is so class and flattering and sexy! My only wish was that I made more money so I could buy the whole line...maybe I need to meet Don Draper and have him help me out :)

What do you guys think? Love?


West Elm Love

While West Elm has great finds and is adored by many, I am not normally drawn to the modern style. However, after browsing their website the other day I came across these gems. What do you think? What is your favorite item?


Ladder Love

via Etsy Vintage
via AtticMag
via Martha Stewart

It seems like everyone in the styleblog world is keen on finding old, and unique items to "upcycle" into something new and fresh. I am definitely jumping on the bandwagon on this trend...in fact, most of my room is second hand at this point. However, I really REALLY like the idea of using an old ladder in a room for storage or an end table. What do you guys think?


Welcome to "All Things Kaduka"


If you are new to my blog I am so, very excited to meet you! If you are an old friend from All Things Kate I am glad you came over here for my blog "switcheroo".

Reasons for the switch? Honestly, I am not very good with templates and my last one was very hard to customize/change so I felt it would be nice to start fresh with a customizable template. Also, my last blog was focused a lot on fashion, which I will still be talking about here, but All Things Kaduka will focus more on interior design , DIY, and all of my silly life happenings.

I hope you enjoy my little space in the blogger world and make sure you check out the other social mediums I participate in as well.