What is Kaduka?

It all started with a car.

The summer before my sophomore year of college my parents decided that I needed to buy a new car, since mine was 15+ years old and no longer safe to drive. After a few weeks of searching we finally found a respectable replacement and purchased it from a young family. The husband had originally bought it for his wife when they had their first kid, and the wife was so upset about giving up her previous sports car for a Toyota Corolla that he had everything personalized with the word "Kaduka".

"Kaduka" means "crazy girl" in Chamorro, the officially language in Guam (which is where this couple was from originally). When I purchased the car from this family, they offered to let me keep everything that was personalized in my car- license plate, dashboard cover, etc. The name stuck and eventually over the years, people started calling me Kaduka after seeing the name everywhere in my car.

So that's it, I am the "crazy girl" from San Francisco who loves interior design, clothes, and attempting DIY in my tiny little apartment. I hope you enjoy my blog!